<![CDATA[    Grain Elevator Press<br /> - Elevator Stories]]>Thu, 12 Oct 2017 17:10:43 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[My Favorite Concrete Elevator]]>Sat, 31 Dec 2011 15:59:12 GMThttp://grainelevatorpress.com/elevator-stories/my-favorite-concrete-elevatorThe Poor & Knight Elevator in Chapman KS is the earliest built of three concrete buildings along the railroad track. It was built in 1911. A second  concrete elevator and a scale house were built to the east of the older elevator in 1917. The concrete elevators are shaped in the same form as most old wooden elevators and you can almost feel the frustration of the owners as the wooden ones burned and were finally replaced at more expense and with little technical expertise by slip formed concrete. Concrete was also used to build the scale house which has a clearly inscribed date of 1917.

The historical record states:
“Poor & Knight elevator was first established by Poor brothers in 1874. The business was later purchased by A.J. Poor. In 1888 H.A. Knight bought a half interest. In 1911 the present elevator was built which is probably the first all concrete elevator constructed. It is made entirely of cement, the roof and floors included and is strictly fireproof. To build the structure required 1800 sacks of cement. The business at the present time is conducted by Poor & Knight Att. Does custom grinding, makes graham flour and corn meal.” So says a business book published in 1914.

A photo of the second elevator and scale house indicates that they replaced  a wood elevator that burned in 1917. Writing on the photo says “Dec 3, 1910 Perry Frazier purchased elevator interest of Carrol Milling & Grain Co. He repaired the buildings.” This time they were built with concrete.

Sources: Chapman Historical Society photos, business book published 1914. Alfred J. Poor obit in Chapman Adviser, Sept 3, 1936._ ]]>